RACI Charts

RACI charts are a simple and effective way to keep any project on track. Regardless of what you are trying to accomplish, defining roles and responsibilities is absolutely crucial. A RACI chart allows anyone involved with a project to understand what is expected of them, with little more than a glance.

The chart itself is very simple. Along the top, various job functions are listed (either by department, job title, team member, etc.) and down the left side, the chart names specific tasks that must be completed. The body of the chart outlines the responsibilities of each job function for any given task. The chart uses four classifications to define these roles:

RResponsible. The person that is directly responsible for the completion of a task.

AAccountable. Anyone responsible for overseeing a task’s completion and making any major decisions associated with it. It is their job to make sure a task is completed, and completed correctly.

C Consulted. Those who must be consulted with, prior to a task’s completion.

I Informed. Those who must be kept informed of a tasks progress, both while it is being carried out and following its completion.

Defining these roles is absolutely essential. Failure to effectively do so can result in low-quality output and a great deal of frustration. A RACI chart is a powerful tool that helps to eliminate confusion, prevent redundant efforts and ensure that tasks are completed fully and thoroughly.

Additional information and an Excel download can be found on racichart.org.